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Version: 3.x.x

Configuration Properties

graphql-kotlin-spring-server relies on GraphQLConfigurationProperties to provide various customizations of the auto-configuration library. All applicable configuration properties expose configuration metadata that provide details on the supported configuration properties.

PropertyDescriptionDefault Value
graphql.endpointGraphQL server endpointgraphql
graphql.packagesList of supported packages that can contain GraphQL schema type definitions
graphql.federation.enabledBoolean flag indicating whether to generate federated GraphQL modelfalse
graphql.introspection.enabledBoolean flag indicating whether introspection queries are enabledtrue
graphql.playground.enabledBoolean flag indicating whether to enabled Prisma Labs Playground GraphQL IDEtrue
graphql.playground.endpointPrisma Labs Playground GraphQL IDE endpointplayground
graphql.sdl.enabledBoolean flag indicating whether to expose SDL endpointtrue
graphql.sdl.endpointGraphQL SDL endpointsdl
graphql.subscriptions.endpointGraphQL subscriptions endpointsubscriptions
graphql.subscriptions.keepAliveIntervalKeep the websocket alive and send a message to the client every interval in ms. Defaults to not sending messagesnull
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