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Version: 4.x.x

Deprecating Schema

GraphQL schemas can have fields marked as deprecated. Instead of creating a custom annotation, graphql-kotlin-schema-generator just looks for the kotlin.Deprecated annotation and will use that annotation message for the deprecated reason.

class SimpleQuery {
@Deprecated(message = "this query is deprecated", replaceWith = ReplaceWith("shinyNewQuery"))
fun simpleDeprecatedQuery(): Boolean = false

fun shinyNewQuery(): Boolean = true

The above query would produce the following GraphQL schema:

type Query {
simpleDeprecatedQuery: Boolean! @deprecated(reason: "this query is deprecated, replace with shinyNewQuery")

shinyNewQuery: Boolean!

While you can deprecate any fields/functions/classes in your Kotlin code, GraphQL only supports deprecation directive on the fields (which correspond to Kotlin fields and functions) and enum values.

Deprecation of input types is not yet supported in the GraphQL spec.