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Version: pre-release

Federation Tracing

graphql-kotlin-federation module relies on apollographql/federation-jvm package to provide support for Apollo Federation tracing. Tracing is turned on by including FederatedTracingInstrumentation in your GraphQL instance. In order for the FederatedTracingInstrumentation to know whether incoming request should be traced, we need to provide it a apollo-federation-include-trace header value.

val schema = toFederatedSchema(myFederatedConfig, listOf(TopLevelObject(MyFederatedQuery())))
val graphQL = GraphQL.newGraphQL(schema)

GraphQL Context Map


Default GraphQLContextFactory provided by graphql-kotlin-spring-server populates this header information automatically.

Tracing header information can be provided by populating info directly on the GraphQL context map.

val contextMap = mutableMapOf<Any, Any>()
.also { map ->
request.headers().firstHeader(FEDERATED_TRACING_HEADER_NAME)?.let { headerValue ->

val executionInput = ExecutionInput.newExecutionInput()