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Version: 5.x.x

Documenting Schema

Since Javadocs are not available at runtime for introspection, graphql-kotlin-schema-generator includes an annotation class @GraphQLDescription that can be used to add schema descriptions to any GraphQL schema element. The string value can be in the Markdown format.

@GraphQLDescription("A useful widget")data class Widget(  @GraphQLDescription("The widget's value that can be `null`")  val value: Int?)
class WidgetQuery {  @GraphQLDescription("Creates new widget for given ID")  fun widgetById(@GraphQLDescription("The special ingredient") id: Int): Widget? = Widget(id)}

The above query would produce the following GraphQL schema:

schema {  query: Query}
type Query {  """Creates new widget for given ID"""  widgetById(    """The special ingredient"""    id: Int!  ): Widget}
"""A useful widget"""type Widget {  """The widget's value that can be `null`"""  value: Int}